Burn Glue to Make a Faux Metal Finish

Burn Glue To Make A Faux Metal Finish

Yes I did the burnt brown bag technique again. I think I am finished with it for awhile though but don’t hold me to it. 🙂  I picked up some paper mache pumpkins at the craft stores. If you’re lucky they might still have a few on clearance, that’s how I got my last one. If you would like to try the burnt brown bag technique you can check out my tutorial here.


Burn Glue to Make a Faux Metal Finish

I used three different Rub N’ Buff metal looks on these pumpkins, antique gold, silver and gold. I also finished the pumpkins stems with green burlap ribbon I hot glued on. They give some nice autumn color to our foyer since we have plain white walls and can’t paint.

Let me know what you think and if you try the burnt brown bag craft.  I have fun doing it and my two youngest love watching the glue burn. That sounds bad like I’m raising future arsonists, but it is fun to watch the glue turn all sooty.

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