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We moved to Phoenix last year and we left a lot of our things back in Maryland, more specifically our Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations.  It is really tough not having my things to put up but the more surprising thing is that my kids get sad about not having the decorations. Every year we pull them out of their boxes and together, my girls and I decorate the house for Halloween and Christmas, I don’t do too much decorating for Thanksgiving. Last year was really hard at Christmas because we had to buy everything except a few special ornaments that made it onto the moving truck with us.  I knew when we moved, Halloween would be coming soon so I had most of those boxes put on the truck. Hopefully soon we’ll get the rest of our decorations when my parents move out here.

Last year fall came and went in such a flash with unpacking and settling in to our rental, that I never got around to putting up any wreath on the door for the fall. If you read my first post you know that this time of year is my favorite and I like to have the house look nice and scary  inviting. I usually put up a Halloween wreath that is much spookier looking. This year I put up a more neutral autumn wreath for a minimal amount of money.

The burnt brown bag craft has been around a long time. Basically you cut out a shape, whatever you want, out of a brown paper bag and paint it with plain white glue and burn it.

I got to thinking why couldn’t the glue be painted onto a piece of wood and achieve the same metal effect with more stability. Off I went to the craft store with an actual idea in mind and knew what I needed to get, which is unusual for me. I normally go in not knowing what I want to make or I draw a blank once I walk through the doors of the store. Crazy, I know.

So I found a wood letter I liked the style of, picked up some glue, a few floral stems, burlap ribbon and a grapevine wreath.


Take a look here to see my tutorial on how to do the burnt brown bag.



Here’s the final wreath with the floral stems on it.


It turned out great and now the front of our house looks like someone actually lives in it. 🙂

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