Boho Wired Rock Rain Chain

Boho Wired Rock Chain

Okay so I don’t really need a rain chain where I live in the desert because we rarely get any rain but I love how they look and it just give a little personality to the back yard.

Boho Wired Rock Chain

I went to the dollar store and bought a package of river rocks and two colors of glass decorative thingys that go in vases. I don’t know what you call them. Vase fillers? Anyway… I already had 20 gauge wire, jump rings, and my jewelry pliers so this whole project cost me three dollars to make. I started with the largest rock in the bag as the bottom rock to keep it weighted.  I didn’t measure the wire when I cut it because each rock was a different size and I cut what I thought I would need. I first bent the wire in half and made a loop by twisting it. Then I put the loop at the top of the rock, or what I wanted to be the top of the rock, and began twisting the wire until I thought it would hold the rock without falling out. I secured the ends around the wire  looping it around itself and then added a jump ring to the top loop I made. I set that rock aside and did the same for the next one.

Boho Wired Rock Chain

To link them together I used the jump ring to attach to the wire of the rock above.

Boho Wired Rock Chain

I didn’t make my chain to the ground as they are supposed to be because mine isn’t even near a downspout but it looks pretty just the same.Boho Wired Rock Chain


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