Lunar Cycle Canvas Painting

As I was looking at my Tumblr feed, I came across what I thought was an embroidery project at Poison Apple Print Shop. Upon closer inspection, I found that it was a back patch that was drawn and then printed. It would make a beautiful embroidered wall hanging, though.

Anyway…I have been wanting to do something with the lunar cycle for awhile and this was something I could try to replicate.

A while back on a whim, I bought three canvases. Finally, I knew what those three 8×8 canvases were hanging around for. I base coated the canvases with lamp black acrylic paint by Americana. For the dots and lines, I used gray acrylic by My Studio. Then sealed it all with a multi-purpose sealer also by Americana.

I sketched out the shapes of the circle and crescents to keep my lines in order.

Lunar Cycle Canvas

The lines on the middle canvas aren’t perfect but I love this so much I don’t even care. Plus this was easy just painting lines and dots.

Canvas Painting of the Lunar Cycle



Canvas Painting of the Lunar Cycle

I started out with it vertically under the deer head I have on the wall but decided horizontally was a much more pleasing look. If I could only keep it straight.

I am absolutely in love with my triptych!

Lunar Cycle Canvas

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The paint brands mentioned above are merely suggestions from what I had on hand. I am in no way affiliated with these companies.

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  1. I really love black and white decor, so nice and your canvases look awesome! thank you so much for sharing at Sweet Inspiration this weekend, have a nice Saturday!

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