DIY Sally’s Deadly Night Shade Canister

Deadly Night Shade Canister From The Nightmare Before Christmas

I’ve been working on a small project that has taken me a week to finish when it usually would have taken me a day or two at most. Three weeks into school and my girls bring home a cold. It has gone through three of us, hopefully, the other three won’t catch it. Now that I’m feeling better I have finally got it done and can post it.

On to the project…I have been collecting odd shaped jars and bottles to use for my witch’s table at Halloween. I kept one specific jar to make a replica of Sally’s deadly nightshade canister in The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Deadly Night Shade Canister from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Materials Needed

  • Sculpey clay
  • Jar
  • Tin foil
  • Rolling pin or something to roll out your clay that you won’t be using for food.
  • Paint-gray, black, white, silver
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sponge
  • Bead-I used a glass pearl bead
  • Sealer

Of course, I had cleaned the jar and taken the labels off of it. I rolled out the Sculpey clay into a thin sheet and wrapped it around the jar. I didn’t smooth it out too much because I wanted it to have a stone look after it was painted and the imperfections add to it.

DIY Deadly Night Shade Canister

I originally did the lid also, but I pulled the clay off of it because it looked too flat.

DIY Deadly Night Shade Canitster

To build the lid up I used tin foil to make a dome shape. I then rolled out more clay and covered it.

DIY Deadly Night Shade Canister

I rolled a thin coil and added it right below where the lid screws on and added a glass bead where I wanted the front to be. With a toothpick, I scratched in the shape of a label and the wording. I baked it according to the instructions on the clay.

DIY Deadly Night Shade Canister

Once it was cool, I began painting it. I used a dark gray as a base.

DIY Deadly Night Shade Canister

To make it look like stone, I sponged on a light gray. I painted the coil around the neck silver. The label was a bit difficult because I wished I hadn’t etched in the letters. One good thing about clay is you can sand it. I sanded it down and painted the letters on instead. After it was completely dry I sealed it.

DIY Deadly Night Shade Canister


DIY Deadly Nigh Shade Canister

I will have a couple more tutorials for bottles and jars before Halloween. When I decorate I will show my witch’s table in full. It is my favorite thing and I wish I could keep it up all year round. If I had enough room I would. 🙂

Until Next TimeKileen (3)

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