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#DIYBlogChallenge Flower Power



Each month I join in the #DIYBlogChallenge and this month’s theme was flower power. I love flowers but don’t do too much with them in my decorating so I racked my brain because I didn’t want to just make a wreath for my front door (although I could really use one). We are short on storage in the house we moved into and we need to get rid of the boxes. I decided to paint a crate to hold all of the Wii games and controllers we have.


#DIYBlogChallenge Flower Power Vintage Stamped Game Crate


It doesn’t look nice with all the controllers laying around plus we have a box full of games and I am trying to get rid of all the boxes. I picked up a crate at Walmart but I wasn’t sure what kind of flowers I wanted to put on it.

The Graphics Fairy has tons of printables so I found one I liked here.

I used Classic Home Parisian Grey chalk paint to paint the crate. Once it was dry, I got out my transfer paper to trace my flower onto the crate.

#DIYBlogChallenge Flower Power Vintage Stamped Game Crate

My mom has been here for the past week and helped me out with the painting.


The entire bunch of flowers looked too heavy for the crate, instead, I traced just the middle stalk onto my painted crate.  I painted over my lines with white acrylic paint.  I added pink into the petals and two shades of green for the leaves. Then I dotted a few darker pink dots inside a couple of the flowers.


#DIYBlogChallenge Flower Power Vintage Stamped Game Crate


I found a few more graphics to use at the Graphics Fairy site here and here.  Using the mirror image, I printed them out on wax paper. Then I positioned them onto the crate. I used the wooden end of a sponge brush to burnish it onto the crate.


#DIYBlogChallenge Flower Power Vintage Stamped Game Crate

This crate will get a lot of use, rather than sealing it with wax I used Polycrylic. I added four casters to the bottom of the crate. Wheels make everything easier to put away, right?

#DIYBlogChallenge Flower Power Vintage Stamped Game Crate

It was barely out of my hands when my 13-year-old who loves to organize had it filled with all of their video game paraphernalia.

I love that this looks like a vintage stamped crate.

#DIYBlogChallenge Flower Power Vintage Stamped Game Crate


#DIYBlogChallenge Flower Power Vintage Stamped Game Crate



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  1. Wow this is a really stunning design, I love it! The flowers are so pretty (are they foxgloves?), very delicate looking and the box really does look vintage! #DIYBlogChallenge

  2. The finished crate is so pretty! Much nicer to look at than a pile of games and controllers 😉
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

  3. The crate looks stunning, its is very authentic looking, you did a brilliant job! I love Graphic Fairy, they have so many gorgeous images!!

  4. This crate is really pretty with the addition of the stencil. I can think of a dozen different uses for this pretty crate. Lovely makeover.

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