Easy Spring Bunny Wall Decor

Ah, summer…oh wait, it’s spring! But here in Arizona, it is feeling like summer already. Back East is getting slammed with a big snow storm and here we are in the 90’s. So to bring spring back to my house, I made these cute Easter bunnies to hang on the wall.

My first thought was to make the buntings with the silhouette of a bunny on the flags but I’ve seen so many of those I wanted to put them in frames instead. So I first had to procure a couple of frames. Luckily I went to a couple of stores and found two 8×10 frames in the clearance aisles for next to nothing.

One of the frames wasn’t in very good shape so I went to work and fixed it up a bit. The other frame was nicely distressed when I found it.

I painted it with white with chalky finish paint by Americana Decor in their color Lace. I did two thin coats and sanded it a bit for distressing once it had dried.

A bit of the honey colored wood came through but the frame needed some glitz to it.

Usually, I use Rub n’ Buff to add some metallic accents but this time I pulled out gold leaf foil to add.

I applied the adhesive for the foil sporadically to give the effect of the foil peeling off the frame. I didn’t seal the frame since it would just be on the wall. Now my frames were ready.

Materials for the main project

1/4 yard of material for each frame. You could probably get away with less but I always like to have extra in case I mess up.

Heat & Bond- I used lightweight

1/4 yard of bleached muslin (or unbleached muslin if you don’t want a pure white rabbit). I bought extra because I use muslin a lot and needed extra in my stash of fabric.

White thread


The bunnies were real simple that I drew. They are a good size for pillows too. Here is a pdf of the bunnies I drew up.


First I decided which fabrics I wanted in the frames. Then I cut the muslin and heat & bond big enough that the bunnies would fit.

I did this for both bunnies. To make sure the patterned fabric didn’t show through I cut two pieces of muslin and bonded them together first. Then I added a second piece of heat & bond for attaching the bunny to the patterned fabric.

I cut out each bunny.

Using the back of the frame, I traced out a rectangle on a piece of cardboard.

I cut the patterned fabric about a 1/2 inch larger than the cardboard and glued it on lightly, making sure the plain side of the cardboard was against the fabric.

Folding back the fabric, I tacked it in place with glue. I used the frame to place the rabbits and then ironed them in place.

To make their tails, I cut a thin strip about a 1/2 inch wide of the muslin. I then used a running stitch to gather the fabric and sew it into a crude tail.

I gathered it until I thought I had a good size tail.

Then I attached the end together and glued it onto the bunny.


And on the wall they go!


Easy Spring Bunny Wall Decor

Easy Spring Bunny Wall Decor

When spring is over and we’re onto summer I will change my bunnies out and use the frames for another project. These frames are going to be very useful.

By the way, I was wondering what you all listen to for music while you create?

I thought I might start sharing what music inspires me as I am creating my projects. My list of music varies greatly. Today was a good day for The Smiths. 🙂

I will be linking up to these parties.


I am not affiliated with any of the products I used. I merely mention them so you can achieve the same results I did.

Easy Spring Bunny Wall Decor



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  1. What a cute project. I love how it turned out! Perfect for spring. I love music! I constantly have pandora on in my house. It depends on my mood, but my favorite is Hallelujah radio.

  2. These are absolutely adorable. I completed one of those cute bunny banners this week, but its the first one I ever did. I really like the way you added foil to your frames. I like to have a bit of metallic in my decor but have never worked with the crafting foils. Need to try it.

    Beautiful craft, thank you for the inspiration.

  3. What a fabulous Easter project. I love the bunnies’ cute little tails! Thank you for sharing this wonderful craft with us at Hearth and Soul. I’ve featured this post at the Hearth and Soul Link Party this week!

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