DIY Vintage Looking Rabbit for Spring

DIY Vintage Looking Rabbit for Spring & Easter Decor

We stumbled across this picture with the two of us showing our rabbits, standing next to each other a year or so after we got together. Crazy!

Easter is still a little while away. We haven’t even made it to Ash Wednesday yet, but I have this project that has been sitting for awhile and I can’t wait to share my vintage looking rabbit any longer.

I have a small collection of rabbits for Easter and Springtime that I put out to display. Rabbits have a special little place in my heart because I used to be in the rabbit club in 4-H, and so did my husband. We were actually in it together when we were around 11 and 12, although I don’t think we really acknowledged each other at the time. Our families became friends and got together once or twice. Then his family moved back East and my family moved to Germany. Ten years later our parents ran into each other at Walmart in Sierra Vista, Arizona, where we had all lived previously. His parents asked us over for a get-together and we have been together ever since. That was 25 years ago.


I usually pick up a new little rabbit each year. But this year, rather than buy a rabbit I wanted to make one. I love the vintage Easter cards and tried to style it somewhat like one of them.

To get started I made a wire armature and taped it together.

DIY Vintage Looking Rabbit for Spring & Easter Decor

I taped it down onto a tile to keep him steady as I built up his body.

DIY Vintage Looking Rabbit for Spring & Easter Decor

Using newspaper and tape, I padded his body to the proportions I wanted. I pulled him off of the tile once I had him how I liked him. Then I used a plain tissue paper and Mod Podge to go over the entire structure.

DIY Vintage Looking Rabbit for Spring & Easter Decor

DIY Vintage Looking Rabbit for Spring & Easter Decor

When I had him exactly how I wanted him, I let him dry overnight. The next day I covered him with DecoArt Dimensional Effects. It almost looks and feels like a stucco effect when it is dry. The best way to apply it is with a palette knife or gloved hands then smooth it down with the palette knife.

DIY Vintage Looking Rabbit for Spring & Easter Decor

DIY Vintage Looking Rabbit for Spring & Easter Decor I aged him a bit with an antiquing stain mixed with a light brown paint. Adding the stain in spots and taking off the excess. I added eyes with a sharpie and then left him alone. Sometimes simple is best so I stopped at the dot eyes. I didn’t want a full-on rabbit face.

DIY Vintage Looking Rabbit for Spring & Easter Decor

He is my favorite rabbit so far. This was a fun project and I can’t wait to make another one. However, I think I will try making a few snowmen for Christmas next year.

DIY Vintage Looking Rabbit for Spring & Easter Decor

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I am not affiliated with any brands. If I mention anything I use, it is because that is what I have on hand. I share my materials only as a suggestion for getting the same effect as I have achieved on my projects.

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  1. Adorable! How creative and he does look vintage. I too collect rabbits and bunnies and put them all over the house for Easter and Spring décor. I have to rummage through my cupboards now and see what I’ve got!

  2. Kileen this is only the second time I’ve seen a rabbit being made. I marvel at how you can make such a sweet thing from practically nothing. And the story of you and your husband is really sweet.

  3. What a fun craft! Thanks for linking it up to The Pretty Pintastic Party!
    We love it, so we’ll be featuring it at the party next weekend!

  4. Wow! Looking at your finished photo alone (without having seen the process), I never would have guessed that your rabbit was completely handcrafted. It truly is a skill to be able to make something out of raw materials like that. You have a gift!
    Thanks for stopping by My Busy Beehive’s BEE PARTY and sharing and please come again!)

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