Stamped Cement Eggs

Cement eggs, I hadn’t seen these until a few days ago. Of course, I had to make them for my spring decor. So I found a tutorial on how to make them but it seemed a bit of a pain and I am impatient. I knew I could figure out an easier way. I had them done in about an hour and a half with drying time.

Now I didn’t really have a plan for the eggs for after I made them. Then I thought of the mossy chicken wire ribbon I used for this project. It was in with my other leftover project scraps. I love when I can use up scraps.

DIY Stamped Cement Eggs

For the nest, I squished the mesh together and then twisted it.

DIY Stamped Cement Eggs

While I twisted it I formed it into a circle.

DIY Stamped Cement Eggs

Then I went around again with the mesh, only I formed it around the ring I had already made.

DIY Stamped Cement Eggs                               DIY Stamped Cement Eggs

I thought I would need a bit of wire to keep it together but it wasn’t necessary. So I moved on to the eggs.

Materials for the Eggs

Papier Mache Eggs

Sika Pro Select Ready Made Concrete Patch


Acrylic Paint

Sandpaper-fine grit


Before I began I put plastic down on the work surface. Using gloves I slathered the cement onto the eggs.

DIY Stamped Cement Eggs

The first egg I added the cement sparingly. The second I added a lot. When I had all the eggs covered, I went back and pulled the excess cement off. I left them with a skim coat of cement on them. It made the drying time quick and they weren’t heavy at all.

DIY Stamped Cement Eggs                               DIY Stamped Cement Eggs

After they were dry, I sanded them down a bit.

DIY Stamped Cement Eggs

To add a little mottling to the eggs, I used Americana acrylic paint in Buttermilk. I pounced it on with a stencil brush.

I added some moss to fill in the middle of the nest.

The final touch was a small stamp on each one of a spring flower or a bird or butterfly.

The nest and the eggs turned out so cute!  What do you think?

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I am not affiliated with any of the products I used. I merely mention them so you can achieve the same results I did.

DIY Stamped Cement Eggs

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  1. Beautiful! What a creative take on the typical Easter egg, I love the little stamp detail. I am super impressed by your nest, too. I never would have guessed it was chicken wire ribbon. Pinning and sharing! Thanks for sharing at My Busy Beehives #beeparty this week!

  2. I like this technique since they won’t be as heavy as a concrete egg. These look great. I love the texture and the simple elegance of the vignette you created.

  3. love love love. i have a bag of cement in my hall closet and this may just be the project…. i didn’t even think to just slather the cement over the eggs? I was thinking, “How did she crack the egg and keep the cement form…. long week! ha! laura

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